Boosting Immunity & Anti-viral Protection Preventing Coronavirus, COVID-19 & more…

Learn Things you NEVER knew about Pandemics, Immunity, Coronavirus, COVIS-19 & more…

Your best defense against today’s (and tomorrow’s) global health threats is a strong immune system.

Yet, too many still remain uninformed about the best protocols to prevent illness and defeat diseases like autoimmune disorders, cancer, heart disease and the looming threat of “superbugs,” which are on pace to be MORE deadly than any other health condition. It’s time to give your immune system what it needs to protect your health!

Drug-resistant bacteria, or “superbugs” are projected to be more lethal than cancer by 2050.

Dr. Margaret Chan of the World Health Organization has said that we’re fast approaching a time when “things as common as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill.”

And currently, COVID-19 is most affecting those with underlying health conditions.

Why? Because of compromised immune systems. Chronic diseases, like cancer, cardiovascular problems and diabetes are by far the leading cause of premature death in the world. They’re avoidable with a strong immune system.

Get Jonathan Landsman’s powerful, 21-page eGuide, Slash Your Risk of Chronic Disease and Infections, and learn how to help prevent and reverse chronic disease!

Get this powerful, 21-page eGuide and learn how to help prevent and reverse chronic disease! Many factors contribute to the development of chronic disease. But most experts agree that obesity, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, smoking cigarettes, over-reliance on antibiotics and excessive alcohol intake lie at the forefront.

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Your host of this event, Jonathan Landsman, has quite the true story

He began studying natural health and healing over 30 years ago, because too many of his close family members passed away from diseases…

and no one could explain why.

Today, we know that poor diet and lifestyle habits can destroy lives — and this is because these choices can destroy your immune system.

Jonathan’s wife was constantly troubled with chronic infections that compromised her immune function. Once the infections were eliminated, her white blood cell count dropped and immune strength was restored.

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Unlock Jonathan Landsman’s eBook, The Coronavirus Story: What the Media Isn’t Telling You, and learn how the majority of the population has been kept in the dark about how to protect themselves from viral infections!

She found a new level of energy with a healthy immune system! 

He’s seen so many of his friends and family members totally reverse their symptoms — some of the incredibly severe, like stage-4 cancer and hospice care — that he has made it his mission to bring this wisdom to as many people as he possibly can.

Tens of thousands will learn from the expert wisdom so important to keeping you and your family SAFE from pandemics, viruses and chronic diseases!

Will you be there? You should be. Because your best defense against today’s (and tomorrow’s) global health threats is a strong immune system.

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Gain the best strategies to rejuvenate your immune system — top experts in integrative medicine and science, including top physicians specializing in the treatment of COVID-19, will discuss the latest in immune protective protocols to help protect from all types of diseases, viruses, common pathogens and drug-resistant “superbugs.”

These are the experts you definitely DO NOT want to miss on Monday!

  • Dr. Richard Cheng, Successful COVID-19 Therapy
  • Ty Bollinger, Avoiding Cancer Cell Growth
  • Niki Gratrix, Link Between Emotions and Disease
  • Dr. David Minkoff, Overcoming Lyme Disease and Co-Infections
  • Dr. Thomas Lewis, Testing Your Immune Strength
  • Dr. Izabella Wentz, Thyroid Disorders and Immune Health

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  2. The Coronavirus Story: What the Media Isn’t Telling You eBook
  3. The Ancient Answer for Liver Ailments eBook
  4. 2 transcripts from The Immune Defense Summit
  5. Access to COVID-19 Viral Defense Protocol presentation with Dr. Thomas E. Levy

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