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50 Ways to Women’s Wellness is a groundbreaking, online event created for women, by women to help YOU cope with the exhausting pressure of being a super woman expected to do everything perfectly, all the time.

Over 7 days, you’ll learn the BEST secrets for women’s health and healing, self-care, disease prevention, weight loss, energy, relationships, mental health, empowerment, financial strength and more — from over 55 of the most inspiring women on the planet!

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learn the BEST secrets for women's health and healing, self-care, disease prevention, weight loss, energy, relationships, mental health, empowerment, financial strength and more


We know your day is a constant rush, so this event is a series of short, simple and advice-packed interviews designed specifically to help you fit these powerhouse women into your day — a few minutes at a time — to hear them share their hearts, express their support and give you easy, applicable steps to change your life!

These short interviews will help you learn on the go:

+ Balancing nutrition and lifestyle for fundamental health

+ Nudging genetics in your favor (they’re not “set” for life!)

+ Ancient healing strategies that are still effective today

+ Budgeting, fulfilling purpose and financial strength

+ Dealing with stress, anxiety and depression

+ Natural tips for beauty, energy and happiness

+ And more!

Day 1: Emotional Healing and Self Love

We’ve gathered inspiring leaders in the area of emotional wellness, healing and transformation to take your healing, self-care and capacity for self-love to a whole new level: Fran Drescher, Dr. Eva Detko, Donna Gates, Amanda McVey, Darieth Chisolm, Sarah Anne Stewart, Misty Williams, Randy Taran.

Day 2: Sex, Hormones and Pregnancy

Go deeper into solutions for balancing and upgrading every aspect of your sexual and reproductive health: Susan Bratton, Dr. Anna Cabeca, Felice Gersh, Dr. Amy Killen, Joette Calabrese, Isa Herrera, Dr. Nasha Winters, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo.

Day 3: Chronic Disease Solutions

Solutions for specific conditions — as well as overall healing strategies, like autophagy, that profoundly impact ALL autoimmune conditions: Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, Naomi Whittel, Andrea Nakayama, Dr. Michelle Sands, Meghan Walker.

Day 4: Weight Loss, Beauty and Energy

Reach your ideal weight in a sustainable way, by eating foods you love and moving in ways that feel nourishing and fun to your body! Dr. Angela Lauria, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, Dr. Mariza Snyder, Dr. Trevor Cates, Trina Felber, Rachel Pachivas, Dannette May, DelRae Marie Messer, Theresa DePasquale.

Day 5: Detox, Gut Health and Anti-Aging

We gathered leading experts in the areas of detox, gut health and anti-aging to help you remove inner pollution, heal your gut and turn back the clock: Shivan Sarna, Autumn Smith, Dr. Susanne Bennett, Dr. Margaret Christensen, Wendy Myers, Dr. Kayte Susse, Sarah Phillipe and Diane Kazer, Jodi Cohen, Dr. Robyn Benson, Rosetta Windle.

Day 6: Financial Strength and Success

Awe-inspiring women who’ve reached the pinnacle of success, and now want to share everything they’ve learned on their journey with you: Sheri Salata, Erica De La Cruz, Emily Lark, Vivian Glyck, Dr. Elena Villanueva, Miranda Marquit, Angela Bell.

Day 7: Taking Your Power Back

Learn from these superstar women and get their proven strategies for healing, change, success, and transformation: Rachele Brooke Smith, Michelle Norris, Dr. Debi Silber, Kate Jaramillo, Teddy Sternagel, Angi Greene Fletcher, Karen Salmansohn, Jessica Smith, Jenny Carr.

As I said above, these important interviews are short and to the point, so I hope you can find a few minutes in your day to learn from them!

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for women by women - positively transform your health wealth and happiness

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