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Preventing hair loss may seem to be an overwhelming and impossible task. Many people perceive this problem to be one of the natural consequences of aging, but for those who suffer hair loss early in life this doesn’t ring true. They naturally ask, “why me,” Thinning and receding hair can be a natural part of growing older, but ‘aging’, as defined by our living years, is not the only cause.

Although we cannot (so far) stop the aging process, there are many other contributing factors over which we do have some degree of control. Human aging is not linear, and no 2 people physically age at the same rate. We all know someone who is physically much older or younger than their calendar years.

Factors affecting this ‘rate of aging’ are many, and include genetics, environment, diet, exercise, disease, stress and more. Some of these are beyond our control or are difficult to modify, however, there are some we can greatly influence by our personal actions.

Making positive changes can greatly delay the onset and rate of change to many aspects often associated with aging. Knowing this, it is possible to prevent or delay hair loss in many instances.

Hair Loss Solutions

Determine the Reason

There are different reasons apart from the simply blaming the aging process as to why a person may be losing their hair. Some of the most common causative factors include poor diet, excessive stress, medical problems, fluctuating hormones and hereditary factors. In order to prevent and control hair loss, the first step is to figure out which of these causes applies to your particular condition.

If baldness runs in your family, you may think that you are doomed to suffer from the same fate. However, there are still ways of overcoming hair loss even if there is a genetic predisposition. Hair-transplant surgery, or the use of hair growth medications are possible treatment choices. To find out which particular plan might be best for you, it is recommended that you visit a hair specialist to discuss your options.
Manageable Factors

Stress and poor diet are among the most common, and controllable reasons, that many people experience hair loss. In coping with the stresses of modern living many people do not take the time to prepare proper meals or to make the time for adequate rest and relaxation.

If these factors are those contributing to your hair loss, it is your body’s way of signaling that some much needed lifestyle changes are necessary. Hair loss may be the obvious symptom, but it is very likely your body is suffering other less visible but potentially more damaging problems. Hair loss is possibly the visible tip of the iceberg.

Re-evaluate what is important to you, make an effort to avoid stressful people and situations, eat a nutritious and balanced healthy diet and ensure at least 7 hours of sleep every single night.

Topical Solutions

There are a host of shampoos and conditioners today that claim to be able to prevent hair loss, but many of these are unsubstantiated or unproven. If you are looking for a topical solution it will be worth your while to have a professional consultation in order to find the treatment that will work best for your specific problem. These hair experts should conduct an examination in order to prescribe a remedy that will be truly effective.

Once you start using any remedy for preventing hair loss, be aware that it will take a while before any results become apparent. Most cases of hair loss do not happen overnight so reversing or slowing the process will be no different.

If you are still shedding hair a week into the treatment, don’t despair. Give it time. Some individuals respond within the first month or two while others take up to six months to see results. This is a gradual process. Results vary depending on your cause and particular treatment.

Be Accepting and Realistic

Most importantly, be gentle and kind to yourself throughout the process. Remember, this is a common condition that affects men and women all over the world. Make the changes you are able to, whether they are diet, lifestyle, product changes or medication, with real application and intent.

Recognize that you have some degree of control and exercise it, but do not be despondent if at the end of the day, month or year, you do not have as much hair as you would like. There are many worse things to be without.

Profollica: Try an Alternative to Surgery, Prescription Drugs, and Side Effects

Profollica®'s all-natural formula helped 90% of men reduce hair loss in a clinical trialLooking for an effective and affordable hair loss solution can be downright frustrating. It is easy to assume that there are so many promises and so many options, but that nothing actually works.

Sure you could opt for expensive surgery or prescription drugs, but are the so called results really worth all of the risk?

The real question is, would you still consider hair loss treatments with drastic side effects if you knew that there was an all natural product that could offer just as many benefits?

Probably not, which is one of the main reasons why the Profollica anti hair loss system is becoming one of the most talked about herbal products on the market. The 3 part solution was created through years of testing and research and contains some of the most powerful and proven natural ingredients that you will find. Due to the powerful formula and the premium quality natural supplement, Profollica comes with absolutely no side effects which makes it a truly risk free hair loss solution.

There are a few reasons why Profollica is proven to work so well. In order for hair to grow there are three main things that must happen within the body. Any effective hair loss product has to unclog the follicles by removing sebum, reduce the amount of DHT in the scalp, and stimulate more blood circulation in or to revitalize the follicles. Some hair loss products can offer two of those three benefits, but it is very uncommon for a system to offer all three.

Thankfully, Profollica does. In fact, for many men and satisfied customers, the products have done ever more than that.

The natural hair loss products within the system can not only prevent the loss of hair but can also reverse the effects of hair loss over the years. While other prescription products claim to offer the same benefits, they are incredibly expensive and the chemicals used in their formulas can have a number of nasty effects. The most common effect is often an increase in erectile dysfunction.

Isn’t it completely counter-reactive if a hair loss product allows you to gain back confidence by growing more hair, but then seriously damages your ego thanks to erectile dysfunction?

The creators of Profollica definitely agree which is why they put so much work, effort, and money into finally creating a safe alternative to surgery and prescription drugs.

It is for these reasons that Profollica has become one of the most popular hair loss systems that you will find on the market today. Couple all of that in with the fact that the products come with a full, no hassle, money back guarantee and it becomes nearly impossible to find any drawback to trying the system out for yourself.

If you are serious about trying to get your hair, and your confidence, back then this is one system that you absolutely have to give a try.

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