The most common fasting myths

Fasting is the most ancient, inexpensive and powerful healing strategy known to mankind — join Dr. David Jockers at The Fasting Transformation Summit to learn everything you need to know about this transformational health tactic!

It’s an ancient healing practice that dates back to the beginning of mankind, when our bodies were forced to adapt to times of famine and food scarcity on a regular basis — it STILL costs nothing to practice and could transform the health of every cell in your body!

There can be great benefits to confining the time window in which you consume your calories each day, however many misconceptions exist.

So, let’s dispel the most common fasting myths so you can feel more comfortable using this powerful health strategy in your daily life!


1. Fasting is unnatural and unhealthy
Intermittent fasting actually seems to have an overall healing effect on the body by stimulating repair and protection mechanisms.

2. Fasting slows down your metabolism
Research shows that intermittent fasting can have a metabolism boosting effect as it promotes a state of ketosis and increases growth hormone levels.

3. Fasting causes nutrient deficiencies
Of all the intermittent fasting myths, this is one of the most unfounded. When you fast, you use up significantly less nutrients and are able to retain them for future use.

4. Fasting causes muscle loss
A recent study showed that alternate-day fasting for a period of 8 weeks stimulated fat loss on average of 12 lbs while there was no significant loss in muscle mass.

5. Fasting causes eating disorders
It’s not likely that intermittent fasting would cause an eating disorder. However, it *is* possible that a dietary strategy aimed at promoting weight loss would attract those who already struggle with eating disorders.

Not eating for a period of time can be VERY therapeutic for your body.

In fact, intermittent fasting boosts the immune system, stimulates the clean-up and recycling of old damaged cells, improves DNA repair, improves insulin sensitivity and helps to protect you against a number of different diseases.

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Our ancestors once lived in a way that created robust health to help them survive the rigorous wear and tear of life. We’ve lost those life skills. Today, more and more people are struggling with their weight, chronic pain, memory loss, digestive problems, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Jockers and other clinicians have seen thousands of chronic health cases get better with the use of intermittent and therapeutic fasting regimens.

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Most of us have heard of fasting — it’s been around since the beginning of human time for healing and spiritual purposes. But today, we live food abundance and we’ve lost this important skill.

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Fasting diet the most ancient, inexpensive and powerful healing strategy known to mankind -- Join Dr. David Jockers to learn everything you need to know about this transformational health tactic! Don't miss The Fasting Transformation Summit from January 14-20, 2019, free and online!

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