Working late night? This is pretty ALARMING! Health Risks…

Do you know someone who does shift work (late night or overnight)?

Did you know that shift workers (like police, emergency response and even doctors) have a greatly increased risk of developing cancer, heart disease, depression, and several other chronic health conditions?

Or that all cells and systems in our body operate largely based on circadian rhythms of light and dark?

How about the fact that our liver may double in size during the day, only to shrink back to “normal” at night? Or that the effect of medications or supplements can be influenced by the time of day they are taken?

working late night health risk alarming

Pretty crazy right?

Episode 5 of the Human Longevity Project documentary series which airs TONIGHT at 2pm PT / 5pm ET, explores the science of circadian biology and how our state of health (and longevity) is determined in large part by the degree to which we live in harmony with these natural rhythms.

A number of elders from the world’s healthiest populations discuss the sad changes they’ve seen in the last several decades with respect to artificial light, digital technology, and modernization — and how they believe it has impacted the lives of their children and grandchildren.

We’ll also talk about the science and tradition behind fasting, hot & cold therapy, the modern health challenge of “electrosmog” (don’t know what that is? Tune in and find out!), and the real, objective truth about sunlight and its effects on our physiology! (You might be surprised!)

Want to learn all this and more? Tune in tonight to Episode 5!

>> Click here to watch now! <<


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