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#1: “What to Eat for a Week: Recipes to Jumpstart Your Health,” and learn the connection between food, good health and increased self-esteem!

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#3: Enjoy these great related to subject – 9 – BONUS gifts from our VIPs!

It’s important to personalize medicine. We also believe it’s important to personalize your diet.

The key to recovering your body and your brain — and keeping yourself from the severe end of the addiction spectrum — is to eat healthy, wholesome, nourishing, brain-and-body enhancing foods that make you feel good.​

This 22-page guide will help you pay attention to what you’re eating, how you’re eating it and how it makes you feel.Make the simple changes discussed in this guide — because lifestyle changes can help protect, prevent and keep an addiction from moving toward the severe end of the spectrum.​​

And, be sure to join us live on August 13-19 (Encore weekend Aug. 25-26 – replay all 28 expert talks free) for online Addiction Summit — with over 30 experts teaching you more about preventing, stopping and even reversing this terrible disease!

—>> Click here to gain IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the 22-page “What to Eat” eGuide now!You can truly get started on better health today and watch all available talks (Replay August 25-26)!

The Addiction Summit is a major, life-changing event! Based on so many positive comments, we’re sure you agree!

=> August 19 at The Addiction Summit, learn how Dr. Paul Thomas became an alcoholic due to a combination of stress, poor nutrition, nutrient deficiencies, poor sleep and lack of exercise along with the loss of my supportive community. Tune in now!

Many have already decided to purchase these expert talks. They’ve realized how important it is to have this wisdom nearby…… because it’s true : a food, tobacco, alcohol, opioids, meth, stimulants, technology and/or other behavioral addiction does NOT have to be your genetic destiny!

—>>That’s why I’m reminding you that the sale prices to own these expert talks expire on Monday!

Right now, you can keep this advice from all 28 experts at your fingertips, starting at $89 (on Monday morning it increases to $119).

This includes the audio, video and transcript files (and I know how much you LOVE to read the transcripts!) accessible online and for download.If you’re on the fence about purchasing these talks, I encourage you to do so TODAY…

  • One, because you’ll save $30.
  • Two, because your purchase comes with nearly $300 in bonuses!
  • Three, there’s a 30-day refund period!

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You also have a chance to replay all talks for free on August 25-26.

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