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fountain of youth

Long Life Secrets Revealed – Longevity Mindset 2019

In the upcoming 9 part documentary, The Human Longevity Project, Dr. Datis Kharrazian comments, “In states of meditation… you change your heart rate, you start to release opioids, you go into an Read more

One Weekend Free Replay Food Revolution Nutrition Experts on Healthy Diet

But here’s the great news: This weekend, you can hear bestselling author John Robbins interview Joel Fuhrman, MD; Vandana Shiva, PhD; Vani Hari; Neal Barnard, MD; Read more

Sound Therapy Harmonizing whole-body to resolve pain, anxiety, sleep & more

Discover Your Electric Body: Keys to Tuning Your Biofield for Total Wellbeing, you’ll discover your “electric body” and biofield, and how a tuning fork can help Read more
how to wake up rested and revitalized

3 Easy Ways To Relieve Insomnia Starting Tonight + (free event recording)

If you are one of the millions of people that are suffering from insomnia, then you should know that there are some things you can do to make it less of a problem. While many turn to prescription Read more

Before Taking Genetic Test – Must Watch Interpreting Your Genetic April 1-7

Before Genetic Test Watch Interpreting Your Genetics Summit: Whether you've taken a genetic test or plan to, our experts will give you the knowledge to Read more

Boosting Your Immune System – Experts Talks [Encore] in ONE weekend!

It’s Encore Weekend at The Defense Summit! Missed some of the life-changing expert talks this past week? They’re all unlocked for free today (and until Monday at 10am Read more

Practices for Revitalizing Your Total Health and Wellbeing – Live Event

If you’re looking for a trusted guide who can teach you how to live a vibrant and beautiful life well into your later years… or you’re looking for integrative advice Read more

Women’s Heart Health Solutions – Must Watch Expert Talks – February 4-10

Most heart disease research has been focused on men, but women's hearts are profoundly different and aren't treated properly in prevention, diagnosis or treatment. Conventional Read more

Toxic Mold as Cause of Various Chronic Disorders – Expert Talks

These free talks (and eBooks) will help you understand and address toxic mold. It could be mold toxicity if you are, or someone you know is suffering from sinus infections, bronchitis Read more

New Parenting Solutions for Happy Parenthood – Expert Talks + Free Book

Experts at The Mindful Summit will help you be the role model you're capable of and desire to be (and that your children deserve) -- without being a Read more

Yoga of Healing & Awakening

Yoga of Healing & Awakening Summit 2019

Fasting Transformation Summit 2019

Get Fasting Transformation Summit 2019 recordings for less to watch anytime later


Overcoming Hashimoto's Summit
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